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EaseUS Disk Copy Pro

EaseUS Disk Copy Pro 4.0 Crack With Full License Code 2023 Download Free

EaseUS Disk Copy Pro is a simple disk cloning software for Windows PC that helps you make a complete copy of the contents on the disk and move your data, system, or applications to another hard drive. Choose a source disk, set up a target disk, and click to clone. Clone your disk sector by sector, leaving nothing behind. With three easy steps, your data is sure to fit your new drive. EaseUS disk cloning tool works effectively to clone your hard drives or SSDs of different brands. Compatible with Windows systems, it explores all the features of your devices and guarantees 100% identical copies. Then, fit the cloned disk automatically, and replace your disk while keeping all programs without reinstalling the operating system. You no longer copy and paste files manually. With the built-in clone feature, you can clone and partition the system.

Recovering lost data is very urgent. calm down. With EaseUS Disk Copy Pro, you can migrate data from your current hard drive to another drive first, and then try to recover from the cloned disk. In this way, it is safer than directly scanning the original disk to recover lost data, because it avoids secondary damage to the data left during the recovery process. Disk cloning helps upgrade your hard drives and keep them working in a functional state. EaseUS Disk Copy gets you ready to move to a new, larger disk or another type of storage media such as an SSD quickly. An old disk may slow down your computer. Transfer data from the old disk to a new disk, and speed up the computer with the new hard disk. Small capacity disk limits data growth.

EaseUS Disk Copy Pro 4.0 Crack+ Full License Code  Download 

EaseUS Disk Copy Pro

Burn a smaller disk to a larger capacity drive, free up space for more data. Clone the hard drive to SSD and speed up your PC. Boot your computer on an SSD without reinstalling the operating system. Are there bad sectors on your hard drive? Bad sectors affect the reading and writing of data on hard drives. Replacing a failed hard drive can reduce data loss in time. Cloning a disk with bad sectors is the correct way to protect existing data before replacing it. EaseUS disk cloning software can safely clone your disk sector by sector, skip damaged areas, and copy the data on the damaged disk to a new drive. EaseUs Disk Copy provides a simple solution when it comes to creating a disk backup using your operating system, programs, settings, and files.

It is useful if you want to create copies of entire hard disks or just individual partitions, and it also provides options for creating bootable disks. Thanks to its simple interface, all types of users can handle it, regardless of their skill level. There are two different modes that you can choose, disk mode and partition mode. As you can imagine, this has to do with the way the hard disk architecture is rendered. For example, the latter mode reveals a list of all partitions for a selected hard disk, along with their file system, size and free storage space, their status, and type (primary or logical). The hard disk structure is also displayed by the application, which means that you can view all partitions even in disk mode, including the master boot record partition.

EaseUS Disk Copy Pro


Disk cloning:

  • Easily migrate your data, operating system, and applications to another hard drive without any data loss.

Upgrade to a larger hard drive:

  • Are you running out of disk space? EaseUS Disk Copy provides an efficient way to upgrade your hard drive without much time-consuming work.

Keep a backup of your data handy:

  • Make a full backup of the source disk and you can recover data from a damaged hard disk in minutes.

Upgrade your hard drive to a more advanced solid-state drive:

  • Are you looking for a simple way to boot up the speed? Upgrading an HDD to an SSD is one of the easiest ways. EaseUS Disk Copy can seamlessly replace your hard drive with a solid-state drive.

Create backups and system migrations:

  • Copy the operating system to a new hard drive as a backup. It can save you time to reinstall the system and avoid serious damage.

Simple interface and “one-click” migration:

  • No need to worry about complex migration settings with our easy user interface. With simple one-click automatic migration settings, you can transfer data without any error.
  • Burn All Your Hard Drive: Create a bootable CD/DVD, which allows you to burn the entire disc in case of unknown/proprietary file systems.
  • Partition copy: This enables you to copy a partition to another partition you want.
  • Disk Copy: Enables you to clone a disk to another sector by sector.
  • Sector copy by sector: Makes 1:1 copies (copies) of hard disks and partitions. This guarantees 100% identity of the original.
  • Safe, Simple, and Fast: It’s a very fast and easy way to copy all or part of your hard drive to another hard drive using Disk Copy.
  • Supports inaccessible disk copy
  • Supports booting from CD / DVD
  • Friendly GUI
  • Insufficient destination paging disk space
  • Support for hard disks up to 1 TB

What’s New?

  • Fixed issue where in some scenarios system could not start when cloned to SSD (due to disconnection)
  • Fixed an issue when the system was created on USB that caused the target disk to get stuck
  • Fixed an issue where the system clone could not start without bcd bootmgr
  • Solve the problem of cloning a small disk to a large disk, but the adaptive layout will not be modified for partitions less than 1G
  • Fixed an issue where the partition would automatically return to the end of resizing / move
  • Fixed an issue where partitions were not selected correctly when moving/resizing across disk systems
  • Fixed the issue of moving a GPT disk to position 2T only if it was cloned to a disk higher than 2T
  • Fixed an issue where the automatic layout would not work.


  • EaseUS Disk Copy is a well-designed and extremely easy-to-use disk copy and migration tool, a must-have tool for anyone who wants to quickly and easily migrate an existing system disk to a new disk (or a newly installed SSD drive) with minimal configuration required.
  • Simplicity and ease of use are where Disk Copy stands out! While it would be true to say that it offers nothing more than the basic disk cloning functions I reviewed above, it is also true that by focusing on this task and making it safe and easy to use I open up this technology to everyone. Thus, this ease of use makes Disk Copy particularly valuable for those who might be put off using this disk cloning tool if it was buried too deep in another, more generic disk management tool and required some more advanced configuration to use it.

System requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, and XP.
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Free space: 70MB

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