Dr.Fone Full Toolkit 12.4.2 Crack + Product Key Download [2023]

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Dr.Fone Full Toolkit

Dr.Fone Full Toolkit 12.4.2 Crack + Activation Key Free Download [2023]       

Dr.fone Full Toolkit is an all-in-one solution for Windows users who want to keep their iOS and Android devices running at 100%, without having to send their devices to paid technicians or warranty every time they downgrade any hardware or software failure. performance or prevents access to the device or valuable data on the device to a backup of the home computer. Since a variety of mobile device problems can be fixed at home, users simply have to find the right software package that suits their needs. It is undeniable that dr.fone Full Toolkit for Windows PC is such a solution, a full-featured mobile device manager app that contains an incredible array of tools for data backup, file transfer, data wipe service, data recovery and administrator. phone, and much more. dr.fone Full Toolkit is a developer of a wide range of solutions for iOS and Android device users.

Instead of purchasing individual apps for these two supported platforms, Dr.Fone Full Toolkit bundles them all into one powerful bundle that can be purchased at a discount. The full list of modules accessible within dr.fone Full Toolkit are Screen Unlock, Data Recovery, WhatsApp Transfer, Phone Transfer, Phone Backup, Data Eraser, Phone Manager, System Repair, Phone Repair. iTunes. One of the most used modules found in dr.fone Full Toolkit are the “Unlock Screen” and “System Repair” tools, which can allow users to finally regain access to their devices without the help of technicians. The screen unlock tool can remove all variations of lock screens from iOS and Android devices, even when the user cannot remember the unlock password or pattern. On the other hand, system repair can address a wide range of software issues that can cause Android and iOS devices to misbehave when in use.

Dr.Fone Full Toolkit 12.4.2 Crack + Activation Key  Download     

Dr.Fone Full Toolkit  

This tool can fix various types of boot loops, operating system crashes, and a wide range of glitches. A separate iTunes repair tool can handle all forms of iTunes related errors for all iPhone, iPad or iPod touch models. dr.fone Full Toolkit is a premium set of tools that people can access by purchasing an annual subscription. Teams, educational institutions and businesses can purchase the same instrument at revised prices. All the individual tools within this suite can be purchased separately (per mobile platform) or as a platform-oriented package (dr.fone – iOS Toolkit and dr.fone – Android Toolkit). dr.fone is designed to help users streamline data transfer, screen unlock, phone date recovery, system repair and other operations through a unified portal. The app allows administrators to transfer and recover data from phones and SD cards on iOS and Android devices.

dr.fone includes a phone manager, which allows businesses to transfer pictures, music, videos, documents, and contacts across mobile devices, PCs, and iTunes. It also allows users to backup attachments, chat history, and other data for a variety of apps like LINE, Kik, Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat, and more. dr.fone allows users to transfer data between iOS and Android devices and record screen activities using the built-in recording function. dr.fone is a complete mobile solution for iOS and Android users, providing them with a variety of useful tools and features that enable them to operate at 100%. The solution includes various tools that can be used for phone data recovery, screen unlock, data transfer, system repair and many other functions. MirrorGo allows users to mirror Android screens to big screens, control their phones from PC and transfer files to facilitate better work and smart life.

Dr.Fone Full Toolkit



  • With the full version of dr.fone, you never have to worry about accidentally deleting your essential files and data. This software can recover data from smartphones, devices, memory cards, hard drives, and even computers. It is very surprising that the app has the highest rating in the field. It is also compatible with the latest devices.
  • What types of data can we recover? Almost all the files you want: videos, photos, contacts, messages, songs, notes, etc. The interface is so user friendly that you can access it easily and quickly. The process is also quick and easy. Is it enough to apply? no not like that. dr.fone can do more than that.

Conversion and switching:

  • Transfer data between iOS and Android devices and computers? Why not? It is possible to accomplish this task with dr.fone because it allows you to copy or move files from one to another. You can transfer files, photos, songs or messages between two devices as long as you have dr.fone installed on those devices.


  • It seems strange, doesn’t it? The software can check for Android or iOS system issues and you won’t have to take your smartphones to the store to fix them. However, this application can only fix common problems like errors or delays during the process and cannot permanently improve the situation.


  • This feature will be very effective when you suddenly forget your password or PIN to unlock your devices. Generally, it should be fixed in the store, but now you don’t need it anymore with dr.fone unlock feature.
  • This works for me every time, but remember it’s for emergencies only. We recommend that you try your best to reset the password because using dr.fone to unlock the device will cause a lot of risks.


  • dr.fone is compatible with the latest smart devices on the market
  • Earned the highest rank in racket recovery rate
  • The interface and theme are simple and easy to use.
  • You can choose specific data and files to recover (not like other tools)
  • You can preview the data in the app before recovering it
  • Your existing data will not be overwritten when restoring old files
  • dr.fone allows you to uninstall and remove pre-installed apps
  • Multiple functions that allow you to do a variety of things
  • Various versions are available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows
  • Easy to use interface ideal for people who are not savvy in the tech field
  • Works well with iOS devices and systems


  • If you download a free version, there are some files that cannot be deleted. Buy the commercial version to get all the features
  • Some photos do not retain original resolution when restored
  • There is a huge price difference between dr.fone for iOS and Android. Consequently, dr.fone on Android comes at a higher cost.
  • Requires entering developer mode for Android phones
  • Does not recover permanently deleted data from iOS
  • Exorbitant prices if deleted items cannot be recovered


  • It turns out that data recovery did not go well during our tests. The “recovered” photos were actually photos still on the device itself. Some of the recovered photos were not as good as the original photos. dr.fone was able to recover some other things like bookmarks and contacts, but the test files that we deliberately deleted so that the program could find them were lost. Your experience may be different.
  • We will share more details about our findings below. It should be noted that data recovery is just one of the many features that Dr.Fone offers. It is very difficult for us to review all of them at this time. We must note that we love the all-in-one concept that Dr.Fone follows; It allows us to spend less money and do more. In this sense, the software offers value and we recommend it.

System requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, and XP.
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Free space: 70MB

Premium Keys:

Activation Keys:




Serial Keys:




License Keys:




How to crack:

  • Run the program after downloading it.
  • Disconnect the broadband connection afterward.
  • Generally, discontinue professional treatment immediately.
  • Next, download the decryption algorithm and tap on the Activator option.
  • Furthermore, the registry keys obtained through Generator were used to purchase the app.
  • Finally, implement all blocking tools.
  • Before proceeding, launch the apps as an observer and tap on either option.
  • In the end, have fun.

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