Automatic Email Processor Crack 3.0.21 + Keygen Key Download

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Automatic Email Processor Crack 3.0.0 + Keygen Key Download

Automatic Email Processor Crack 3.0.21 + Keygen Key Free Download 2023

Automatic Email Processor is the complete Outlook solution to instantly save and/or print incoming emails and their attachments. Several filters and configuration options are available for these tasks, such as the option for additional post-processing or dynamic archiving folders for attachments and emails. Dynamic archive folders allow the path to the location where the automatic email handler stores email attachments or email messages can be dynamically comprised of individual email properties. For storing email messages, among other things, the output format (for exa, simple, PDF, EML, or HTML) can be specified. The standard Outlook message format (save emails as an MSG file) is especially suitable for archiving important messages. The program supports the creation of unlimited minutes to be able to make separate settings for different email accounts.

In addition, the rules can be applied to the email period or all emails already received in the Outlook folder. Auto Mail Processor app monitors Outlook and allows you to send emails or attachments that meet pre-set criteria directly to the printer upon receipt. Different print settings can be specified for each rule, for example, to be able to print certain emails at a different quality. The respective printer can be defined individually for each rule as well as separately for printing the email message or attachment. You can also specify that only certain pages of the email should be printed automatically (for example, print only the first or last page of an email PDF attachment). With automated email processor for PC.

Automatic Email Processor Crack 3.0.21 + Keygen Key 2023 Latest

Automatic Email Processor

Emails received in Outlook can be automatically saved to a specified directory as a PDF file, for example, to keep a copy of the message for backup purposes. The attachments and the email itself (as an MSG file with or without a digital signature) can also be included in the PDF file. The path, as well as the folder and file name of the PDF to be saved, can consist of different email properties, such as the date and part of the subject for example. Auto Email Wizard is a lightweight program that allows you to manage emails in your Outlook client more efficiently by automating monotonous tasks. After a quick setup, you are greeted with a clean and airy interface suitable and possibly desirable for an application designed to handle hundreds or thousands of emails.

Automatic Email Processor Crack 3.0.0 + Keygen Key Download

The user interface is divided into two main sections, the area that allows you to view the list of profiles you have created and their status, and the filter is located in the lower section of the interface. The idea behind the tool is to help you save time and energy through automated boring, but time-consuming tasks that you are likely to do when managing messages. Therefore, you can create profiles that automatically handle these types of messages effortlessly. You can set up as many profiles as you need to handle tons of messages every day from different senders in a customized way. The main role of the software is to help you with the emails you receive from the same senders daily, in addition to that.

Automatic Email Processor Crack 3.0.21 + Keygen Key Download

The tool allows you to save the attachment to a dedicated folder on your computer and rename the file so that you can easily find it when necessary. Moreover, you can mark emails as read with or without a receipt and receive notifications on your email if something goes wrong. As mentioned earlier, the software enables you to customize the action to take for each active profile you create differently via filters. Therefore, you can set the time and date for the monitoring task and assign tasks to messages that come from specific senders, addresses, names, or those with a specific subject.


  • Automatically save emails (in PDF or original format)
  • Automatically print emails and email attachments
  • Monitor an unlimited number of Outlook folders
  • Create custom profiles for different tasks


Monitor Outlook Folders:

  • Check incoming emails and apply appropriate rules

Automatically save emails and attachments:

  • Automatically save Outlook emails and email attachments into dynamically created folders

Automatically print emails:

  • Send some emails and attachments directly to the printer (for example, fax emails)

More optional processing:

  • Perform subsequent tasks, for example, run a program with a saved attachment file name passed as a parameter

What’s New?

  • Instances of Outlook and Word are reused.
  • For folders, an extracted portion of the regex can now be used for the message body.
  • File names can now also use an extracted part of the regular expression of the subject or message body.
  • Image and PDF attachments can be attached as new pages to the message when saved as a PDF file.
  • Filters to include images: name, minimum dimensions, and size.
  • Separate filters to identify messages and attachments to be processed.
  • Output the page number when printing messages.
  • New option when saving attachments/messages: the destination folder must already exist.
  • Optional specification of the error directory if the destination folder does not exist.
  • Placeholders can be used for the entire path – the separate base folder has been deleted.
  • Simple mappings allow for individual placeholders – for example, a “Drive” mapping can be created using “C:” content or a “Path” mapping can be created using “C: File 1” content.
  • CSV mappings allow CSV files to be used for filter criteria along with the relevant result if the criteria are met. This eliminates the need to create different profiles for different filter criteria. Ideally, one profile is enough.
  • Mappings can be used: for paths, file names, recipients of redirects, and email folders when moving or copying messages.
  • New placeholders: number of attachments, username part of the email address.
  • The saved message file can be forwarded.
  • Copies of the saved message file or attachments can be created.
  • Add-on status filter.
  • Images and PDFs embedded in the message body can optionally be processed.
  • HTML images are automatically included when sending automatic replies.
  • Defer operations – apply profiles to messages only after a configurable period (eg after 2 weeks, based on when the message was received).
  • Program instructions have been updated.


  • If you manage hundreds of emails per day by performing similar actions over and over, an automated email handler can help you automate jobs, so you can use the time to do more productive tasks.

System requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, and XP.
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Free space: 70MB

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Automatic Email Processor Crack 3.0.21 + Keygen Key Free Download 2023

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